Family Resource Network

Mission Statement

To Support and Strengthen Families

Vision Statement

  • For all families in Wetzel County to have the resources necessary for self-sufficiency.
  • For all children in Wetzel County to be raised in a loving, healthy environment that encourages the full development of minds, bodies and souls.
  • For services to be easily accessible, comprehensive, family-friendly and focused on maintaining the dignity and privacy of the families.

To commit to the Five Promises that every child has:

  • Caring Adults: an ongoing relationship with a caring adult–parents, mentors, tutors or coaches;
  • Safe Places: a safe place with structured activities during non-school hours;
  • Healthy Start: a healthy start and future;
  • Marketable Skills: an opportunity to develop a marketable skill through effective educations;
  • Opportunities to Serve: an opportunity to give back through community service.

Wetzel County Family Resource Network | PO Box 313 | New Martinsville, WV 26155

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